First Impressions Count

Fresh from exhibiting at the Dentistry Show and I’m thinking about visibility. Am happy to report wonderful feedback from visitors to my stand who said it looked like a mini art exhibition. I am flattered and proud: it displays my values; my roots in graphic design.

So how does your practice look to patients or anyone who passes by? Are they impressed by ­what they see? Prospective new patients have few ways to measure the quality of dentistry and will make judgments by other means. Displaying a shabby or dated exterior is a bit like wearing your tattiest old clothes to an important function – you’d be letting yourself down, people would probably avoid you and the whole thing would be a bit of an embarrassment.

It’s all too easy to trundle along from day to day, tolerating the status quo without looking at things afresh. Try viewing your practice with a keen, critical and independent eye and take note of your observations. What is your first impression? Does it look like a high quality practice, or is it in desperate need of a makeover and an eye-catching sign? Does it appear to be the best in the area? Would you choose this practice?

With all the clinical skills in the world, a shabby practice will let you down. Exterior signage not only identifies the practice but also reflects the quality of care provided. Whether the look is vibrant and eye-catching or calm and sensitive, it is a display that says “this is who we are, this shows the quality of what we offer”.

Here is your chance to look stunning, to make your practice look irresistibly attractive and to draw new patients in. Are you making the most of this opportunity?